Ziyad Brothers Importing

For generations our family has searched the Middle East and Mediterranean for the premium, authentic foods that your family loves. The Ziyad brand is the flagship brand of our company, and more than any other it represents the bond between our family and yours. Spanning 500 products and 20 categories of grocery, there is not a single Ziyad brand product we haven’t passed around our own family table. A meal is what we gather to share, but it’s the family that gathers that keeps the story going.


Wild Garden

Our passion for Mediterranean Cuisine began in the Levant region of the Eastern Mediterranean. A colorful region, where a brief encounter with a stranger can turn into long conversations over tea. Extending generosity is a way of life in this region and the hospitality is truly beautiful. It’s amazing to see people treat guests like family by offering delicious food and a helping hand if needed. We set out to share this way of life. So we captured the most delicious and authentic flavors of the Mediterranean into innovative packaging to help everyone share and enjoy the Taste of the Mediterranean at home.




Amafruits was originally established to offer authentic Brazilian-style açaí, and today we offer a variety of Amazon superfruits. It is our philosophy that a healthy lifestyle is built on a foundation of natural foods and fruits and vegetables.

Passion matters to our company—it is the manifestation of our purpose, dedication and vision. We are committed to a triple bottom-line approach: people, planet and profits. Our mission is to share with our customers the wonderful flavors and nutritious benefits of fruits from the Amazon, to promote sustainable business practices that respect everyone with whom we interact and the environment, and to operate a business that improves the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally.



Founded in 1986, our vision is to market and distribute category-leading Latino, natural and organic brands to the United States and the rest of the world. Our industry-leading knowledge of the Mexican and American consumer, along with a philosophy of investing in brands through long-term, fully integrated marketing strategies have driven our success and helped bring the Hispanic and natural products culture to the world.




Being the only high protein, low sugar bar on planet earth that actually tastes good We have classically trained chefs on staff (not a bunch of chemists in lab coats!) who work their magic to create good for you bars that taste great. Using high-quality functional ingredients We nourish you with real, responsibly-sourced ingredients that anyone can understand. Having fun! Being a family business, we have an outrageously good time creating our food for you. And our master plan is that if you enjoy our food and have a great experience, you will live a healthier and fun lifestyle. Kind of a win win!